Karmic Constellation

Our soul is infinite. The knowledge it has, the experiences, these are priceless.
Are we connected to our soul?
How connected are we?
What can make us connect and, when we connect, how can we use the knowledge found in our soul?
And as facilitators and therapists, how can we help others, souls to find peace?

What is Karmic constellation? 

Karmic constellation is a branch that emerged from Family Constellation. If in family constellation, the difficulty in the “here and now” stems from something in family history, in Karmic constellation, we look for the spiritual-soul history of the client. 

We work through representational work (not channeling), and we include within it working with soul contracts, Akashic Records, previous incarnations, and more. It is an experiential work, which combines work with feelings, emotions, and cognition to create a full integration in the client and thus create a change in the reality of their life.

Karmic Constellation works with different aspects and dimensions of the soul. 

In this training, we will explore how to work with the soul, contracts of the soul, vows, Akashic Records, Our soul spiritual lessons. 

And how to work with the Constellation method, elements, and representation

** You don’t need to have experience in Constellation (Family or systemic) or previous knowledge in karmic working. 

You will learn all the relevant aspects of the work. 

The nature of the training: 

The training is both practical and theoretical. 

You will learn how to work with Karmic constellation for yourself, with clients in the clinic, and with groups and individuals on Zoom. 

The topics of the training: 

The constellation work: 

  • The concept of representing in Constellation and Karmic constellation and the principles of Karmic Constellation.
  • The soul – the soul’s perspective, working with the soul, entanglements with the human aspects. 
  • The world of phenomena in Karmic constellation. 
  • Working with past lives (why? What is the purpose, and how do you work with them). 
  • Akashic Records – how to work with them. 
  • Soul lessons – how to work with these lessons and change them. 
  • Soul contracts – why we do them and how to change them. 
  • Vows and Curses – how to cancel them.

Who can join the training: 

This training is for therapists, facilitators, practitioners, and people who work with karma and gain more knowledge and new ways to work with karma. 

In training, we will focus on experiential learning, theory, supervision (on issues you will bring from your life/clinic), and tools to work within your clinic.

** You don’t need to have experience in Constellation (Family or systemic) or previous knowledge in karmic working.

I will teach all relevant instructions. 

The training is a weekly training for eight weeks; each meeting is 3.5 hours every ?. 


Israel: 10:00am – 13:30pm

CET: 9:00am – 12:30pm

IST: 13:30pm – 17:00pm

Australia: 19:00pm – 22:30pm


Price and Dates

For this Workshop
584 or 50500 INR
  • January 14,21,28
  • February 4,11,18,25
  • March 4


About me

Yael Eini

Yael Eini

Hi, my name is Yael Eini. I am a trainer and facilitator of Karmic Constellation – a method I have developed over the last 20 years. I have assisted therapists, spiritual therapists, past life regression therapists, family constellation facilitators, life coaches, and others in enabling their patients to release energies, blockages, and beliefs formed in previous lives with Karmic Constellation limiting them in their present lives